I was thinking about our beloved downstairs people the other day considering what we know from interviews and such and two things came up.

  1. We know Anna will become Mary’s lady’s maid for sure (both from the pics and interviews). I bet shipper!Fellowes will drag the M/M drama for some episodes so…

1: I have been wondering this, too… As you say, def. not Ethel considering her track record. I’m split 50/50 on Lily and a new character.

2: I think Thomas becomes Matthew’s valet when he and Mary get married (I have a feeling they will live at Downton), with Molesley staying as butler at Crawley House, and Bates goes back to being Robert’s valet, considering their relationship. This would also ensure that Bates and Anna could still work together, and Thomas couldn’t grumle over being demoted.

As that is the neatest solution I can think out I am sure that it won’t happen… #damnyouFellowes!