"We went to that really cool place - y’know, the one you havn’t heard of? Yeah, they make their own tomatoes out of vodka - it was great. And then, uhm, we walked along the canal - we hopped on one of those hop-on-hop-off hot air baloons, just so in case we got bored walking. Y’know, we could get on the baloon for a bit, and then we could walk for a bit… And then, yeah, I think we saw some french double-bill of old movies - which reminded us we hadn’t sex for about half an hour, so we did again - and then we went and we did that - y’know we’re both in a band? Yeah, it’s doing really well, it’s called Black Yogurt - we did a sort of luch-time gig, and, uhm, in that really, really cool place. Y’know, the cellar that’s above the building? It’s called “Umlaut” - well, it’s not called “Umlaut”, it’s just two dots above a U that’s isn’t there. And we saw loads of people from all over the world and saw several art galleries and went to about five operas and some production of a ballet - it was really good, I think I was in it - and then we had sex again and - yeah, then we just ended the evening with some of that Japanese pizza - it’s on stylts."

— Dylan Moran as those friends who don’t have kids yet